“Kudos to Eric for designing a program that fit exactly what I needed…”

Eric worked with me in the months before I had hip replacement surgery. He designed a program to strengthen the muscles in my hip and leg so that the surgery would go smoothly and the recovery would be swift.

Before I started working with Eric I was in pretty good physical shape but my right leg muscles had deteriorated significantly. The weakened leg was from an old football injury and many years of playing basketball and actually got to the point where I had to walk with a cane.

My hip replacement surgery was in mid February 2013 and I was out of the hospital in less than 48 hours!

Well, I am pleased to report both the surgery and recovery went extremely well. Actually, the Doctor said I had the fastest recovery he’s ever seen! The rehab on my leg went so well that I was able to drive within about 10 days after surgery and was close to walking normally without a limp or pain within about three weeks.

Kudos to Eric for designing a program that fit exactly what I needed and pushing me with just the right amount of encouragement to meet my pre-surgery fitness goal. He is highly recommended in my view!

-Kent C.

Austin Personal Training