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Premiere Austin Gym, Conquer the Bar Fitness, Launches New Website

Conquer the Bar Fitness, the innovative gym known for their circuit, resistance, and functional training, is set to launch their website in early December.

Conquer the Bar Fitness is dedicated to making you feel better, stronger, and healthier. Their main focus is on helping clients achieve their goals of strength, agility, flexibility, mobility, muscle-gain and/or fat loss.

“We believe that it is important to make yourself a priority even when it might seem impossible,” says owner Eric Davis. “Among the busy, hectic days, that we all have, we encourage our clients to take time to take care of their body and health through a holistic approach.”

Eric Davis and his team provide goal tracking, body composition analysis and assure that you can contact them anytime for guidance, encouragement or advice through a phone call, text or email.

Eric has a B.S. in Kinesiology, is NCSF & NCCPT Certified, Kettlebell Concepts Certified, TRX Training Certified, Dynamax Coach Certified, and was a NPC Physique Competitor and college athlete.

Conquer the Bar Fitness has recently partnered with MegaMad Industries and Mark de Grasse to launch the new website.

“Once you talk to Eric, you’ll realize what your workouts have been missing,” stated Mark de Grasse, founder of MegaMad Industries. “Eric dedicates himself to helping you become the healthiest version of yourself.”

Mark de Grasse is the former editor and owner of My Mad Methods Magazine and the original Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit Labs. He helped create the Onnit Academy and Onnit Academy Level One Certification and currently partners with innovative fitness companies to bring their products to market. He is also the current owner and editor of Mad Fit Magazine.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before or just want to take the next step in your fitness journey, Conquer the Bar’s goal is to set you up for success.

The website plans to launch on December 4, 2017. It will include a blog committed to guiding you on your fitness journey. You can visit the website at


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