“I thank Eric Davis for giving me a different outlook on fitness that wasn’t there before…”

As I lift the heaviest weight I could to get huge, pain in my joints, recovery from injuries incurred lifting as heavy as I could. I found myself having to make a change in a split second.  

I left out of town for the weekend and Bam! Like getting stabbed in the stomach. I find myself in the hospital with a bad case of Diverticulitis.

The treatment you need depends on how bad it is. Well I’m here to say I had it very bad. Twice in three months bad.

Try a liquid diet for three weeks and drop 20lbs of muscle and the fat you had left and tell me you’re not depressed from all the gains you worked your ass off for years come to a halt. Well after the three surgeries to take close to a foot of colon out of me, getting back in the gym was a tough one.

I couldn’t lift what I used to for a long while and I didn’t have the knowledge or motivation to make the correct change in the gym to fit a workout routine that would be safe for me.

That’s when I stepped up and introduced myself to Eric Davis. I told him my issues, he said no problem and we scheduled the appointment. This is where my lifting routine would change from here on out. 

Eric made me sweat in the first five min of every workout that would have taken me 30 min. I did so many new workout routines that I had never heard of or seen. 

My strength has shot up through the roof. Even more than before my surgeries. The difference is I look and feel better in every way. I don’t have the bulkiness that came with the heavy lifts, and now have a lean harder look while still being able to pick up the weight like before with no problem.

I love that I’m able to fit in clothes that would feel tight and uncomfortable and just didn’t like how I looked in the mirror. I don’t judge myself as much as used to anymore which feels great all around. 

I thank Eric Davis for giving me a different outlook on fitness that wasn’t there before. Ninety percent of my workouts are all unconventional. I’m no longer bored in the gym and never plateau. Thanks Eric for making the change.

-Adam G.

Austin Personal Training