“Thank you so much Eric Davis for all my progress so far…”

When I started working with my personal trainer Eric Davis, I was in pretty bad shape due to several knee surgeries, two rotator cuff surgeries, throat cancer and an ankle surgery. I was having to use a cane, walker and scooter just to be mobile.

In May of this year I had surgery for a Dissected Aorta which the Doctors told me that because I had been exercising, I was able to withstand the critical surgery that had to be performed. After going through Cardiac Rehab I came back to Gold’s and started again working with Eric this fall.

I am so grateful to what he has done for me that I am excited to say that I no longer need the cane, walker or even the scooter which I am trying to sell!

Thank you so much Eric Davis for all my progress so far.

-Jack C.

Austin Personal Training