what is a personal trainer

Three Signs You Need to Hire a Personal Trainer

You’ve been working out, lifting weights and doing your cardio, yet you have stopped seeing results. That’s just one of a few signs that you need to buckle down and hire a professional.

1. You don’t see any progress or have hit a plateau.

what is a personal trainer
Our bodies are smart and they adapt. You must change up your workouts to keep your body guessing and challenge your muscles. It is time to challenge yourself. A personal trainer can open the door to new exercises, new ways of training and keep exercising fun.

They can show you ways to utilize simple tools, like dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands in diverse ways that you might not have thought of. By diversifying your work outs you will see results much quicker.

When trying new exercises, it is important to be performing them with proper technique, which is why having a personal trainer is essential to keeping you and your body safe while exercising.

2. You don’t know where to start, lack knowledge when it comes to exercising, or just want to try new exercises.

Perhaps you have just started working out and you are unsure of what to do at the gym. A personal trainer can take out all the guess work and provide you with workouts that fit your needs and level of exercise.

This will assure you that exercises are performed correctly, help you become more comfortable with gym equipment and help you be more confident when you exercise alone.

Maybe you’ve been working out for quite some time, but just want to try new exercises. A personal trainer can expand your knowledge and guide you with progressions for more difficult or complicated exercises. When trying new or more challenging exercises it is vital that you’re using correct form and progress properly. A trainer can give you the proper supervision to help you succeed.

3. You need accountability or motivation.

what is a personal trainer
We all need to be held accountable at the gym. Not only do we need to be held accountable for going to the gym, but with challenging ourselves enough in our own workouts.

When you have appointments with a personal trainer it is much more difficult to cancel your time at the gym. Trainers will also make sure you are pushing yourself enough to see results and not pushing yourself too hard which could lead to injury.

They can help motivate you to try new exercises or step out of your comfort zone which can lead to bigger and better results.

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